Need help Connecting my Manjaro to my wireguard VPN

I’ve done allot of reading on this on this forum and the internet and can’t resolve my issue.
I have the wireguard VPN setup on a raspberry on my home network.
When I use my iphone configured with the QR code the iphone connects to the VPN and I can get access to my local network when the iphone is on cellular. So I think I have the wireguard VPN configured correctly on the raspberry.
When I import the wg0.conf file into the network manager on my Manjaro it connects to the vpn but I get no internet or local access to my lan.
I can supply additional info .
I will start with the wg0.conf file. Let me know what else would help here.

demo@Manjaro Downloads]$ sudo cat /etc/wireguard/wg0.conf
PrivateKey = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=
Address =
MTU = 1420
ListenPort = 51820
### begin dccathomevpn ###
PublicKey = xxxxxxxxxx=
PresharedKey = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=
AllowedIPs =
### end dccathomevpn ###

Might sound like a very stupid question but has happened to me XD. Is the wg0 file using the same config used to create your QR code?
I use a preinstalled client on my router for wireguard and I had a similar problem after I connected my phone via qr code and then also downloaded the wg0 from the same page.
The router would only let the first connected device in and no other. The solution was to just make one more connection for the second device.

So do mean create another wgx.conf file?

The config you posted looks like a config for a “server” and not a “client”. Is this a example config for a client you plan to use?

I only made the one config on the server. I didn’t know you make a separate or different one for the client. How does the client get the info for the server?
I thought you use the same one.
On the iphone I used the QR code the server created.

No every client needs his own config.

This way the server can detect which client tries to connect.

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This contains the config for one “client”. Every “client” needs its own unique config. The “server” needs to know every client.

Since the normal wiregard can’t generate a QR Code, use this tool on your “server” to create a client config for your Manjaro system.

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Again I feel so stupid.
That worked.
I didn’t understand that I needed to create a conf for each connection.

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