Need help compiling and installing ESI Maya22 USB controller and GUI found at Github

I need help finding my bearings in order to build and install this driver and it’s GUI which are two separate projects for the USB audio interface called ESI Maya22 USB.

The Driver:

and the GUI:

I’ve downloaded them, and I would like some tips as to how they should be built and or installed.

There’s another one on the net, so I tried to follow the instructions and install the GUI for the soundcard using this project, will keep you updated on the progress:

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The Control App for ESI MAYA22 USB provides both the driver (as below) along with a GUI it seems.

  1. Make sure you have the required dependencies:

    sudo pacman -Syu --needed alsa-plugins hidapi gcc-libs libusb
  2. Download the precompiled binary (maya22-control-amd64) from the Releases page.

  3. Rename it to maya22-control

  4. Copy it to /usr/local/bin/ and make it executable:

    sudo cp maya22-control /usr/local/bin/
    sudo chmod+x /usr/local/bin/maya22-control
  5. Create the Udev rule. This will call the maya22-control tool each time the USB interface is connected and recognized:

    sudo nano /etc/udev/rules.d/50-esi-maya22.rules
  6. Paste Ctrl+Shift+V the following into it:

    KERNEL=="hidraw*", SUBSYSTEM=="hidraw", ATTRS{idVendor}=="2573", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0017", GROUP="plugdev", MODE="0660", RUN+="/usr/local/bin/maya22-control -d"
  7. Exit Ctrl+X Nano and type Y to save.

ESI-Maya22USBControl uses Conan to package binaries, I’m not familiar with that.


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