Need help choosing a desktop [Solved]

A month ago it has been 4 years on using xfce, and man i love it…
easy to configurate, easy to learn how to configure it…

If i were you, i would pick XFCE

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@bio3 and @maycne.sonahoz - thank you both very much for your helpful suggestions. I truly appreciate it. I do seem to always gravitate back to XFCE but keep trying Plasma out. I sincerely do appreciate your suggestions and I will have a look through the links. @bio3 I like XFCE a lot, I am just concerned that development on it will stall and it might get abandoned, although I sincerely hope not. Thank you :slight_smile:

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i dont think xfce will be dropped any time soon, remember it’s one of the “official” isos from the manjaro team itself.
And for old pcs like the one i’m using it’s awesome.

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I know that feeling.
My advice on this would be to check which one suits you the best regarding the core applications: desktop (and theming), file manager, settings, network management, default media players.
Out of those, you can install any application you want, even if the graphical library is different from the desktop. Theming can be unified between Qt and GTK+ applications.

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out of curiosity, what theme, icons, etc are you using?

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Nice - looks very clean and modern. Thank you ever so much for your help - I appreciate it.

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Thanks for all of your help - I really apreciate it.


A thing to note about these desktops is that both of them are extremely configurable. If you stick with either one of them long enough, you are likely to get them to look and behave like you want them to.

With xfce, you can replace any component with one that does what you want.

With kde, you can configure any component to do what you want.

This is the central feature of xfce, nothing to be worried about. People want this for the same reason as they want to use Debian/centos/suse: it is stable.

This is extremely unlikely. Xfce edition is the flagship edition and will remain so in the foreseeable future.


I been doing the exact same thing since my transition from Windows 10 back in March. Dont feel bad, there are lots of distro hoppers and desktop hoppers all over.
I would suggest to go look at the monthly screen shot post. Most people take screen shots and in detail say what they are using from desktop to themes, Desirable December (2017) Screenshots. I find it hard to believe that you are haveing such a issue on themes. The theme that comes with Manjaro is THE BEST! No other distro besides Manjaro and Antergos know how to to theme. Manjaro is #1 . No need to look anywhere else. Im also a theme freak so I know what ya mean…Theme is almost everything…

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I think she’s beautiful. Manjaro xfce with Adapta-Nokto-Eta-Maia theme, Vertex Maia Icons and Adapta-Nokto-Maia window border. I also use Arc-Dark-Maia-Solid with Vertex Maia Icons and Vertex Maia Square Window Border. Another one is, Vertex Maia Dark with Vertex Maia Icons and Vertex Maia Square Window Border. There’s a few themes I use with xfce. Either one of these suggestions look very nice…good luck…hope this helped…

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Too green for my liking

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Ok everyone has their own flavor. I understand…Have you tried the Arc theme’s? There are many different colors…

@notthenewsreader You didn’t use the search functionality that comes with the forum. That is just laziness, not only that your post offers nothing that isn’t already present in the forum.

So next time you decide to have a tantrum and start generalising the forum users maybe you should consider the smarter option.

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Breeze is just an engine, that by default uses a color scheme named “Breeze” aswell. But the whole point of Plasma is that you can just change the colorscheme without worrying about “themes”, “windows decorators” and all that kind of stuff (of course it also admits those but you don’t need to). What I usually do is using a dark desktop theme (for the widgets and panel taskbar) and a clear, not too bright, color scheme for the programs. E. g. Breeze Dark for the desktop with something like Breeze for the color scheme, or Wonton Soup if you like dark but not too dark programs. You can also easily modify color schemes on the fly, similar to old versions of Windows. The desktop theme called “Breeze” (just that, not light or dark), just uses your color scheme aswell (although some times you need to re-apply it because it wont pick up the color right when switching from light to dark). And for the GTK themes (for stuff like Firefox or Chromium), Breeze or Adwaita look good.

For me there’s no reason to use other DE, the only alternative for me is XFCE, but its the same with less features and customization options, and the windows are very difficult to resize for some reason, and that for just about 150mb less of ram usage, so it doesn’t compite with stuff like LXQt in low end machines either… And also, no file manager competes with Dolphin currently (and among the GTK ones, Thunar that comes with XFCE is probably the worst, maybe worse than Caja), so I don’t see a use case were I’d use XFCE over Plasma currently, specially if you want customization (that’s just for me, I’ve used XFCE and I do think it’s a GOOD DE, probably my favourite after Plasma 5, I also love GNOME but for desktop / not laptop only Plasma and XFCE are viable options because they’re the only two that actually supports multi-monitor well).

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Who would enjoy being held responsible for you choice (or lack thereof) in Desktop Environments? Would you then later hold these same recommenders responsible for breakage and repair?

Close the topic. It has been stated and re-stated ad infinitum.

EDIT: @notthenewsreader, I apologize for the abrupt tone of my post. “Favorite” DE discussions tend to go on forever, inflame passions, and lead to no concensus.

The best Linux desktop for you is whatever one you are running. Learn it; become expert in it; be able to instruct others in its use, and you’ll do better than most. :smiley:

EDIT 2: I retract my apology, @notthenewsreader, after reading your personal attack on @PenguinRage prior to @eugen-b locking the thread. I’ll reserve my apologies for those that don’t perpetuate threads such as these.

EDIT 3: And someone who has been “a Manjaro user for about 2 years and Linux user for about 15 years” certainly needs no advice on DE choices.


I probably shouldn’t respond because as said before, emotions run high on what the “best” DE is. Personally I use XFCE and I don’t think it’s dying anytime soon. Development moves slow, but it does what it needs to do, so I don’t think there’s a big rush to add anything. Personally I’m not that concerned with “look”, I just want something that launches my applications, as long as the color scheme doesn’t hurt me, I’m happy.

That being said you might want to try Cinnamon, LXDE, or Mate, they are all fairly light weight I believe and should run well on a lower end PC.

I’m not generalising - I have been a member of the forum for at approximately a year, a Manjaro user for about 2 years and Linux user for about 15 years. Your response was pig-ignorant and offensive. If you want to see how you hold a decent, civilised conversation with people, look at the replies after yours. If you have nothing worthwhile to contribute or simply cannot remain civil then do all of us a favour and just keep quiet.

I’ll add a little end-note to this in case anyone reads the thread…

Anyone starting a topic is probably posting because they haven’t found the answer they need, so if we can answer the question that’s what we should do. If the question has already been answered, then by all means link to those answers - but keep in mind that people may already have searched, just not for the same keywords.

This said, this sort of thread is not ideal because it amounts to (and paraphrasing myself from an earlier thread) “Which is better, coffee or tea?”; it really does come down to personal preference.

There’s a saying: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”. While it’s not perfect, it does help sometimes. In the case of the forum it might be “If you can’t say something nice, flag the post or don’t reply.” :slight_smile:


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