Need guidance installing Manjaro Cinnamon over Windows 10


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father Christmas was kind enough to leave a new laptop under my tree this Xmas. It is an Acer Swift 1 with Windows 10 installed on a 64gb emmc. Windos has come a long way since I first started using it back in the 95 days, however this OS is so bloated, it takes up almost 25gb after cleaning!! So I wanted to install Manjaro which I have on my other computer. I managed to fight my way through the BIOS to get a boot from the Manjaro DVD. When running the installer however, I do not get the option to completely overwrite windows, or install next to windows etc. I only have the option for manual partitioning. As there are already 4 partitions on the drive, I am not completely sure how to proceed. I was tempted to boot into the live dvd and delete all the partitions with gparted and then try the install, but until I am sure I am proceeding the correct way I dont want to delete the Win installation.

Attached a screenshot of the installer page for the installation option.

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Well you can overwrite windows with manual partitioning of that is what you want to do, or install it alongside windows


thanks for the lightning fast response! I want to completely overwrite windows, however looking at the partition structure there are already 4 partitions on the drive. I would like a confirmation on how exactly I should proceed to install manjaro. As I said, normally there is an option in the installation manager to completely overwrite windows, but this option is missing for me. It does not even give me the option to install manjaro alongside windows for some reason. It only gives me the option for manualy partitioning. There seems to be 4 partitions on the drive at the moment.


If you want to erase everything, delete all the partitions before starting the installer. I think the cinnamon disk probably includes gparted which is a graphical partitioning tool.

If it doesn’t, you can install it with the command:

sudo pacman -S gparted


yup, gparted is included. strange that the installer does not give the option to overwrite windows or install alongside. Any thoughts on this?


It is strange and I am not sure why that is. I am not as familiar with calamares as some of the other folks here though.


Don’t know why but sometimes the installer just doesn’t realise that there is a windows installed. Happened to me few times. Might be something how Acer has set it up but don’t really know the reason.

Just delete the partitions before using the installer and if needed create the needed partitions with the installer


now writing on my new acer swift 1 13" operating Manjaro! I deleted the partitions using the live dvd of Manjaro and gparted, and then began the installation. this time the installer gave me the option of the installer taking care of the partitions. Installed and everything is running flawlessly at the moment, even the keyboard backlighting!

Thanks for the help. topic can be marked as solved.


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