Need firewall suggestion + network connection program

Yep,as topic says need firewall suggestion + network connection program with gui.
At the moment i’m with the ufw firewall.
I especially want to see the imcoming connections.

I use ufw along with plasma-firewall in my Manjaro KDE install, plasma-firewall integrates the firewall settings into KDE Plasma System Settings. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep,know i that but im with XFCE enviroment.

Isn’t gufw installed by default?

For watch connection netactview, and better to use iptables or nftables directly, this is what am doing on Xfce, (iptables or nftables of course, not both).

I use ufw with gufw (GUI). You can give firewalld a try. It is in the official repositories.

Manjaro uses NetworkManager as default connection manager and firewalld is a systemd based firewall.

Is it a logging issue or a blocking issue?

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Both :grinning: