Need editing to have vertical task manager correctly displayed

Alignment tiny box with clock in the task manager need to edit then end (without any other action) to be well displayed. See the image GIF below…
KDE Plasma task manager display


Pretty sure the Manjaro devs can’t fix it.

You need to contact the KDE/Plasma developers. There are various ways to contact them, but I think filing a bug report might be worth a try.

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I’ve found a solution that seems to match my problem.
When right clicking on task manager and choosing editing, there is a option to add a separator item.
It needs many closing editing mode / entering editing mode, but after few manipulations (with one to uncheck flexible size), I could create a 10 pixels separator.
Today, after first start of my computer, menu is ok (no more overlap). I’ll close this post if it’s okay for few days.

You can also add a spacer of either fixed or dynamic width — this is built into Plasma itself — or use the plasma5-applets-latte-spacer from the AUR, which offers a greater degree of fine-tuning. :arrow_down:

pamac build plasma5-applets-latte-spacer

Similarly, there is also a more configurable separator from the latte project in the AUR. :arrow_down:

pamac build plasma5-applets-latte-separator

Ok my theoretical solution is simpler.
In edit mode, right click on Afficher les altérnatives and select Icons-Only Task Manager instead of Task Manager.
It should shrink your panel to your wanted size?

Bonne chance!

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