Need a DE for a Tablet

Hello Manjaro Community,

I’m using Linux not only as a Desktop OS , and it runs great with Gnome on my Surface . I start this adventure 4-5 Years ago with Gnome 3.3… . And everything runs greater and greater over the years with Gnome on Wayland. But since 43 it breaks more and more . Since 43 the GOK ( Onscreen Keyboard ) isn’t really usable. And Since 44 my System freeze many many Times and you can’t do anything. My Tablet is now , more than 6 months not really usable. So i need a alternative and want to leave Gnome . Is there a alternative? Maybe KDE ? Or Maybe something like Phosh or KDE Mobile?

And sry for my broken English

Greetings .

postmarketOS should work for a lot of devices, but please check whether yours is listed. Once done, you can try either Phosh or Plasma Mobile, their last update shows significant usability progress but whether it’s already usable for you or not depends on your own judgement.

Thx for your answer. I know PostmarkOS , but they don’t have x86_64 Images. I know i can install Alpine and switch the Repo . But i want to keep Manjaro on my Tablet and the Alpine Repos are really small. And Distro Hopp , to test DE’s , is not my thing.

I test a lot DE’s in the past . But Gnome was the only DE ,who does that Job great “Out of the Box” . But not since 43 . I had the hope , i don’t need to test them all again xD