Nautilus won't open from Dash or Terminal

In the terminal I get this output:

Initializing Nextcloud-client-nautilus extension
Using python version sys.version_info(major=3, minor=10, micro=8, releaselevel='final', serial=0)
GSConnect: No translation file found for domain
Namespace Nautilus is already loaded with version 4.0

Nautilus is listed as an optional dependency of the nextcloud client but it seems not to be a selectable option therefore I can’t remove it to test.

Any ideas?

nautilus-nextcloud is an AUR package. It hasn’t been updated in over 4 years and has been marked out of date for over two years. I’ve just orphaned the package. You may adopt it and update it if you wish.

I’ve just found the issue. It was not related to either nextcloud client or gsconnect. It was actually another extension. nextcloud pdf tools. I’ve removed it and it now works.

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