Nautilus slow to open after [2022-11-14 stable]

After the stable update 2022-11-14 my nautilus (gnome files) has become slow to launch with a spinning wheel for about 3 seconds before the window appears.

This happens right after boot when opening nautilus for the first time. Subsequent nautilus windows open instantly.
If I close all nautilus windows, after a minute or so, (or if I issue nautilus -q) the next attempt will also trigger the delay.

Terminal launching shows the following, which I understand is normal.

    ~  nautilus                                                     255 ✘ 
GSConnect: No translation file found for domain

I disabled ALL extensions completely & rebooted. The delay issue remained the same.

Do you have network mounts or slow hard disks?

No auto-mount network drives, no. Internal drives are Nvme for system + SSD for user files.
Noticed this issue immediately after the update.

The same issue started for me with the recent testing branch updates… it’s even a bit longer than 3 seconds for me. Not mounting anything, not a slow hard disk, other applications work normally. I noticed there is also a new delay after signing in to the Gnome session of several seconds… seems related and I’m not sure what to look for to resolve it.

Actually, it seems this problem repeated every time I wanted to save a file in an application and the application needed show a file display sort of dialogue. I finally figure out (difficult to say how) that it seems to have been due to having libimobiledevice-git installed. I removed that and replaced it with libimobiledevice from the official repositories and things work like normal again. So this is fixed for me.

Good to hear.
I have neither of those packages & the delay also happens on the gnome43 ISO live USB. So it’s just nautilus not playing well for my laptop I guess.

TLDR, installing openssl-1.1 fixed the issue for me.

Edit: it also fixed problems I was having with slow startup of Gnome itself as well as a crash in Gnome Boxes.

Wanted to report that I was having the same problem - Nautilus took up to 30 seconds to start. I did a little digging and found this in the logs:

gvfs-afc-volume-monitor[18440]: /usr/lib/gvfs-afc-volume-monitor: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file

I think this is related to Nextcloud Nautilus integration, but that’s just a guess. Installing openssl-1.1 seems to have taken care of it.

I’m having a similar problem since last week, but in y casa Nautilus doesn’t even start. ¿Does anyone have any idea about how to fix it?