Nature wallpapers


Put here your photos about nature (animal and plants).

These are some of mine that you can use as wallpapers:

Rose 1

Rose 2

Asiatic Plant

Red tree

Mountain goat

Shadow sunset


I’m not sure if it makes sense to present them all here, but here you are some pictures I took this year: Feel free to use whichever you want.


A picture I made on, what would be, the hottest day in 2012, which I didn’t know then since this was early morning.
The sky helped me so much getting the rays of sunlight. This picture, in size 135 x 45cm, is hanging in our living room. After 5 years I can still just sit down and look at it for a long time. This is a reduced size though, original is 5184x2912 pixels.




You know this images could be even better if we make some tweaks in gimp like adding a gradient map or something, i’ll try to do something and post it here.

EDIT: Made some tweaks to the last image OP posted, i just changed color grading and add a slight vignette to make it perfect for me(except for the fact that the res is low).


Sorry, but what is better in your picture?


I just changed the colors a little bit(they are more redish) so its perfect for my notebook monitor, what did you expect, the manjaro logo or something like that?, i didn´t do it because its a great photograph and the manjaro logo wouldn´t look that great in there. i know its something you wouldn´t notice, but i notice that a lot so its better for me.


Yes, I know that editing these photos can make them better, but I put here the raw photos to let the others, like you, edit them as they wish :slight_smile:


vacation last year - Captiva Island, Florida


same vacation - sunrise over St Augustine Beach, Florida


Back 7 years ago my last Columbia Gorge camping trip.

Memaloose Misc shots 2


One I took a few years back during a walk through Snowdonia National Park.