Natural scrolling with Apple Magic Trackpad 2

Hello everyone! :grin:

I’ve recently bougth the Apple Magic Trackpad 2, and for some unknown reasons, natural scrolling doesn’t seem to work properly on it.

I own an AMD Huawei Matebook 14D, with Manjaro 5.10.30-1 LTS, and KDE as desktop manager.

I have custom made gestures handled by touchegg which works perfectly fine either with the laptop and the Apple trackpad.

The only real issue is that although with natural scrolling setting enabled my laptop touchpad works as I want (swiping up takes the content down), Apple one doesn’t; it works only in one way (which I don’t want).

Can someone help me? :clap:t2:

Every sort of help or explanation would be very appreciated; I’m a frontend developer, and I’m currently using Manjaro everyday, but in terms of systems I’m not very well prepared.