Natron "OpenGL rendering is disabled"

today i did
snap install natron

but natron menue semms reduced. i cant include Videos.

And if i start for testing rendering i got the error: "OpenGL rendering is disabled".

Natron version 2.3.14 Release. Natron, an open source compositing software.

why not the Flatpak as they offer it on their page ?

okay i try to find it there. its full of images and much stuff. really dificult to find something. crazy :smiley:

See in the Download section of their menu. The reason why they might provide Flatpak, Portable installer and an installed might be related to what you experience as issue with the Snap package.

its not a bug its a feature :wink: may newbies says :wink:

i donloaded:
i have tons of aps... lets try and see whisch one could know how to use this

first try:

Now I can reinstall it via

$ flatpak install fr.natron.Natron.flatpakref
... Changes complete.

But I still felt dysfunctional.
This time I found an error: "failed to open video stream"

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