Namib Linux - Manjaro Copy?


Namib Linux was mentioned in another thread previously, and went to have a look. It seems like it’s a blatant “ripoff” of Manjaro. For example, compare these pages:


Is @philm or anyone else on the Manjaro team aware of this?


kinda copy/paste :unamused:


Do a search on the forum, there is another topic about it.


Last time I looked it was a bad copy/paste … where there was still manjaro branding [and things like philms email] in certain files. I dont know about now.


If you read that thread you found you already know that without mentioning Philm for nothing, 8th post


I did try to search the forum for “namid”, but I’ve been experiencing a lot of gateway timeouts today and didn’t get any results. My apologies for adding to the noise. :frowning_face:


I’ve got them too today :wink:


@jonathon Please close this thread as not productive.



I’m not upset, or mad. Just confused. Why would someone try to take everything manjaro, and rename it to Namib, knowing that we, the original distro has the people that know how to maintain it, and the community.


well to copy manjaro you have to change lot of configs manjaro specific software and the repo

if you change repo,you change the distro.
and its lot of work,but for what. just to have different branding.well sometimes we are lazy,dont have much knowledge so we copy.but thats the whole point of open-source.but the credits have to go to their respective cant simply claim it as your own. yes you can use it modify it.make it better from your point of view.
there are different people so different opinions.
what i feel like good might not feel the the need of forking.changing what we dont like and making it may be better or worse.but still its what it is


That is the way it works with distros, isn’t it? Copy, modify, make it your own over time?

That being said, copying the website isn’t cool.

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As mentioned, another topic existed on this topic already.