Namib Linux is new and uses manjaro tools


So I just seen this post and I’m shocked to see people complaining? For what? Oh yeah using manjaro tools… and I want to give my point of view on the situation.
So I want to start with the fork of manjaro settings Manager and manjaro hardware detection… alot of you talk about breaching the license… I don’t see where i breached the license. It’s specified everywhere on the repo that the manager is forked from the manjaro manager. The only thing I did it’s make it working with arch… sure it’s need some fix but it’s work great. Sure it’s outdated… but did that change something? Really?

About the crypto mining… Jake make a mistake… I said specifically in the email he sent me that the crypto miner was only on the website and not on the distro itself and I deleted it because it wasn’t working great.

For the websites… I confess I used the manjaro website and just edit the thing. Why you ask? Because it wasn’t updated for months now and it’s not used… but really? You are complaining about a website that’s already using a Hugo template and can be made by anybody else.

The problems is that I’m not the only one using our tools (Swagarch for example) and I’m not the last.

The problem I have with this topic is that you are complaining like you are perfect and the center of the world but you are not. Manjaro made errors and mistake in the past. Just to see recently (Wallpaper change on xfce). Manjaro is not perfect my distro is not perfect too…

If the distro survive for now it’s because of my motivation and money.

Thank you


I would not worry about Manjaro user opinions. They believe if it was not for Manjaro Arch would not of been born lol.
I wish you luck its hard to make a Linux distro that appeals.


it’s all spicy gossip anyway, don’t take it seriously. you are trying to make a distro that’s perfect by your expectations, more power to you. that’s the whole point of free software.
besides, some are taking genuine interest. so what if the others act skeptical, fun to read and you get free publicity :laughing:


Not quite.

You’ve forked the code and removed proper attribution to the authors by a lazy search-and-replace, in the process making it appear as though the authors are part of, or have moved to, the Namib project. That’s breach of (at least) GPL (i.e. attribution).

While the website source is available, taking it wholesale and, again, doing a search-and-replace over the code is at best lazy.

Given your choice of project name uses the same “derivation” of taking an African location (“Namibia”) the overall impression is one of a “clone” much in the same way as many projects that last a couple of months.

Have they changed or removed the author names from the source code?

I don’t think that’s what the topic was about at all, but I suppose I read it differently. I’m also pretty certain noone here thinks Manjaro is perfect.

I still wish you luck - just keep in mind running a distro takes a lot of time and effort (as well as the good-will of other projects).


I didn’t removed any of the author name of any file… Sure when I did some “search and replace” I removed some link but author name didn’t change… I don’t see the license breach here…

Lazy? Sure, like manjaro team is not lazy some time… The number of bug have been reported for months and never been fixed… or fixed when the damage has already been done. The manjaro website is based on template so… I can call it lazy too… It’s easy to call someone lazy…

My choice of name is logicial… I called my “organization” Meerkat Software… Meerkat live in the Namib Desert so I choose that name… We can say the name for manjaro… from the Mount Kilimanjaro.

Thank you


You did read the part where I mentioned good-will didn’t you?

Really? Phil’s link above goes straight to a commit where you did exactly that:

 Main developers:
-  Roland Singer <>
-  Ramon Buldó <>
+  Roland Singer <>
+  Ramon Buldó <>

You copied Manjaro’s Hugo-based website line-for-line and changed a couple of words.

You don’t own

Let’s not cast stones, shall we?


I just fixed it

Thank you

Wtf? Like I said when I was doing some “Search and replace” it’s replace by itself… and I just fixed it.


You called the Manjaro project “lazy” yet you included a domain you don’t own. Your don’t own your other domain either ( That was the point of that sentence (and “let’s not cast stones”).

As I said earlier, running a distro is a lot of work. Posting here (including swearing and throwing insults) because you’re annoyed about this thread (which is here because your distro setup raises a number of flags) doesn’t come across well.


So calling me lazy because I don’t own a domains. I don’t see the point. When I made this domain(about 2 years ago) I didn’t have money to put in a domain so I made one free… and today I don’t see the point of changing if it’s just working great.

And I don’t see where I was insulting and swearing… just giving my point of view.


Wow @jonathon you are starting to get personal, Come on Manjaro was Iffy when I 1st used it cut some slack Any Linux is a welcome addition.


:slightly_smiling_face: @frederic2ec, Feren OS utilises a subdomain on Weebly to distribute their operating system (You could have done something similar).

It is not mandatory to have your own domain; but having one makes it more legitimate.


Sure I could but I have another subdomains on it… For the forum, repo and etc… and I wanted a “custom website” not from a builder like weebly.


Remember Ferron is Ubuntu with mainly cosmetic changes A big difference.
namib is based on Arch Linux not Manjaro
Its really nothing to do with Manjaro users how he uses his website or the tools he uses.


@frederic2ec If i were to give an advice, i’d say to pay more attention at what you do, and not to rush things.
I too felt this “lazy” feeling, from the website, with exact content copied from the pending Manjaro website, and from the tool rebranding, with its overzealous changes regarding the developer contacts.
The world of open source is useful for picking things from everywhere, but despite the freedom it leaves to do so, there are still ways to do it wrong.


Sure I understand… but like I said before the manjaro website wasn’t updated for like 1 year now and have been never used. So I decided to use it. Sure for the website I was a little “lazy”. But for the tools I did change thing to make it work with Arch… It’s just when I rebranded it I replace all the Manjaro by Namib … and it’s replace all the link but it’s not like I was going to search hours just to find the piece of code where is the name… The thing that just frustated me it’s the fact the manjaro team take it personnal and like I did something wrong (Sure replace to is something to complain about). For my point of view I just see people complaining to complain… and after that they attack me with the fact I dont “own” my domain(what?) and other useless thing.


You need to read what’s written rather than construct some fantasy which meets your world view.

You also need to read your own words and note the contradictions.

@mandog I don’t understand why you would think any of what I said would be inappropriate. Of all the posters in this thread I’ve pointed out only the available information, given the benefit-of-the-doubt, as well as wishing luck to a new distro. If @frederic2ec wants to re-frame the events to validate whatever it is he wants to validate then there’s nothing I can do to stop him doing that. I will, however, maintain what professionalism I can.


No I don’t think what you say is inappropriate, But it is not the professional way to do things on a public forum
that’s all, PM him and advice him offline.
I don’t want to criticise the way you handle things as I have known you longer than you know me a lot longer and respect you, just in this instance I think you are not doing things in the correct manner, Before you say it no I’m not involved never used it and don’t intend to its not ARCH…


I can see your point, but as the existing discussion is already available publicly responding to that privately would “fork” the discussion. That could possibly duplicate things in the public thread or make it look like we want to “keep things secret” (or just not be seen to respond).

There’s rarely a perfect way to do things, but keeping discussions open means there’s one less way we can be criticised.


You do have a point there :smile:


First off, I want to say that it’s easier to criticize than create.

I understand cutting corners to shave off time and effort where it makes sense to, but intellectual property can make for some murky waters and should be navigated with care. If anything, this is a good lesson to move forward with more caution in the future. I don’t mean this as an attack, but as a safety net to your and your project that you obviously care a great deal for.

It might have been prudent to ask if it was ok to use since there hadn’t been any further develpment.