Namib Linux is new and uses manjaro tools


So… Namib linux. From a software company in Canada. Uses atleast some manjaro tools. Havent had time to investigate further:

Oh…heres their site where they present such features as “NHWD” Namib Hardware Detection…


Downloading it now, to “disect” what’s on the ISO. :stuck_out_tongue:

First sign is not good. The torrent download is dead. No seeders.

Link to their Github.


My findings so far (I tested the KDE ISO):

  • The ISO contains all KDE apps.
  • It uses Pamac as package manager.
  • It uses a rebranded Manjaro Settings Manager (Namib Settings Manager)
  • It uses a rebranded MHWD (NHWD)
  • It uses a Breeze based Numix theme (which is a weird mix of light and dark themes)
  • They only offer 1 kernel at this time (called linux which is 4.15.)
  • Dolphin shows hidden files by default
  • Uses LightDM as display manager
  • Autolaunches Calamares when you boot the ISO.


It is fun to see on how they work. Would be really interesting if they managed to get MHWD on how it works …


OK, I found some time to study what Namib did with our tools:

  • It uses an older version of MHWD from back 2017.10 with simple rebranding
  • MHWD-DB is from 2018.01 before we merged open-source drivers to video-linux. Don’t even know if it acutall works with MHWDCONFIG files.
  • MSM is back from 2017.11 and only has also simple rebranding and “excellent” code quality :wink:
  • Namib-ISO is a fork of ArchISO
  • They use the pamac-aur package without the latest fixes

So in short: I truly don’t recommend this distro based on following reasons:

  • It uses Arch-Stable with some binary repos, which won’t add any extra value to it
  • Our tools are barley modified to simply gave them their purpose of rebranding, however not tested to be fully functional
  • Provided Manjaro-Tools are outdated and not fully optimized for Arch
  • Not all modules of MSM might work as intended
  • MHWD might be totally broken for driver install, as only kernel install was adopted for Arch

However, I wish the project best of luck.


Their forum states they mine crypto in your browser instead of showing ads. Well, that reminded me that it’s time to donate to Manjaro again, which I promptly did.


O really? When we started Manjaro, we financed ourselfs and never showed any ads to beginn with. When our distro was ready for the public we started to accept donations optional. It always depends on which reasons you base your project. Most people honour that and even valid that. It all leads down to sane project management.

@muvvenby: thx for your support mate.


Answered the exact question I was about to ask … *** twilight zone music ***

Sounds more like a crypto mining project masking itself as a linux distro to me.

Do not want.


I’m so happy that they even copied our hugo homepage project as their official homepage. I’m now simply lost for words … Especially for this page. When you do it, do it right! Here is our preview.


They use a script for


Wow, that doesn’t feel right to me. To me the power of open source has always been that you can work together, out in the open, and if need be, mostly as a last resort imho, code can be forked. But the basis is that you respect the work of (previous) contributors and give them their dues.


I think the words you are looking for is Crypto Mining.

This is not a serious attempt at an OS, they are clumsily cloning the current top distro on Distrowatch to attempt to utilize “user” hardware and make some money mining.


I see a very short life for this “project” … Sadly it reminds me of some conartists


Kirek and Roland are part of the project?
If no… does they have the right to change the email author of msn code like they did?


Looks like they did a “search and replace” over the code and that’s very likely a breach of the license. You can’t claim ownership of code that isn’t yours.

So - has the Manjaro project reached the point that we need to reach out to some legal people to help with this sort of thing?


Something doesn’t “seem right” about Namib Linux…just from reading up on it.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Best regards.


Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I’m the author of the article and I’ve contacted my editor at to find out what she wants to do with this piece.

This issue brings up something that hits very close to home for me. As I review a LOT of Linux distributions, I have to wonder if something like this is going to become more prevalent. If that’s the case, what do we do? Are there specific tools people like me (tech writers…not developers) can use to ensure a distribution is safe from such malicious behaviors?

Thank you again for bringing this to my attention. And than you for any input you might have.

Have a wonderful day.



it’s also on the waiting list for distrowatch


I’m going to be doing a piece about this in the next couple of days. Does anyone have any hard proof that Namib Linux is using the distro for crypto mining? If you do have proof, can you show it in this thread please?

Thank yo so much.



The evidence is on their forum. There is as-of-yet no proof of them using it in the installed system.

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