[nag] old problem still here. (with login screen not appearing before you press/move something)

I still had/have this problem with kernel 5.0.3-1 and 4.20.17-1 with Manjaro KDE:

suggested workaround still works:
sudo pacman -S haveged
sudo systemctl enable haveged
sudo systemctl start haveged

so … why isn’t this fixed a year later :blush:

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The same thing keeps happening to me. When installing haveged, the terminal indicates that it is already installed. However, when activating the process with sudo systemctl enable haveged, create a path.
I also do not understand how after 1 year this problem keeps reproducing every time I reinstall Manjaro on the laptop


because some machines have trouble with entropy and some dont. for machines that do have low entropy values (under 1000) need something like haveged to raise entropy values.

¿And because it only happens to me with Manjaro and not with Ubuntu, Antergos, Solus and Fedora, which are the ones I’ve tried on that laptop?


maybe they have an entropy daemon running by default? for some this is unnecessary and IIRC haveged comes installed on manjaro, it’s just not enabled by default.

what makes more sense, enabling it by default for the minority? or leaving it disabled by default for the majority?

most people dont need an entropy daemon, some do. since most dont need it, doesnt it make more sense to have it disabled by default? is a single terminal command to enable haveged really that big of a deal?

If we want user friendly experience, then yes. (Especially in the light, that to figure out that this is even fixable; then finding the commands to run etc. Once that is finally figured out, yeah … it’s not that big of a deal anymore. But to reach that point is.)

And my impression was that Manjaro tries to be user friendly Arch, whereas Arch is then the version where you enjoy living on command line :smiley: and where this obviously isn’t a big deal.

not if it’s at the cost of the majority having to disable services that are not needed.

although, to be fair manjaro has `ModemManager.service" enabled by default and i honestly cannot understand why. how many folks do you know of that use dial-up? :sweat_smile:

it’s one of the first things i do after a fresh install and updating, i would gladly trade haveged for modem manager, at least haveged will actually be used by some folks.

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