Mystical May (2019) Screenshots




That's just an image, where's the OS? :stuck_out_tongue:



so, someone came up to me and said "I love the Mint Dark theme so much"
Well... Mint-Y-Dark + Mint-Y-Grey Icons + Ubuntu fonts on Manjaro anyone? :wink:
(Terminal font is Inconsolata, that will never change for me)


Prepare for disappointment again.

Not much has changed compared to last January when I showed how my desktop looked like.

  • Theme switched recently to Mint-Y Darker Teal, which is pretty close to the new defaults @oberon is experimenting with on his Cinnamon edition (except that I use a Darker variant instead of the Dark one). For people interested in that theme, install the mint-themes package with your favorite package manager.
  • I adopted the Grouped Window List even if I ended up using it as a classic Window List.
  • Larger panel, feels better to use on large monitors.

Well, it is still the classical normie desktop we all know, à la Windows if I can say so.

(Don't ask why I have three freakin' browsers.)


I love your wallpaper! Can I have a link?

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I like it. I spent the morning between naps (I have a cold) trying to customize the Cinnamon desktop on the live stick (yeah I know it won't stick, but trying it out). I like it, it feels like an odd mix between say 1/3 Windows XP, 1/3 Xfce and 1/3 Gnome. Took me 10 minutes how to figure out how to move to the grouped Windows...

You can somehow tell it's a Gnome fork still; something with how everything moves and feels is very Gnome 3. But I guess there's a Mutter fork in the bottom of it. Not a bad thing, just observing.

I am trying to decide if I should do a separete install with Cinnamon (I am moving from Gnome 3 to either Xfce or Cinnamon; never used Cinnamon actually.

Well, I think Mint devs didn't inherently dislike Gnome 3 totally, they just didn't like the new interface and the loss of some functionality back several years ago. They first started with an extension on top of Gnome 3 called MGSE (Mint Gnome Shell Extension), and ended up forking Gnome 3 entirely to create Cinnamon, and Nautilus to create Nemo, etc.

Yup. The window manager is called Muffin and it is a fork of Mutter.

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I have now played with Cinnamon all weekend. I will do a dual install (separate roots) with Xfce this week. I REALLY can't decide between them.

The image originated downloading from

But it is currently out of service.

I share it with you:


Thank you so much, that was very kind of you ^^


Here is a work in progress - playing with polybar on my wirtual machine (heavily inspired by @frost's screenshots here :+1:).
I am currently strugling with proper colors. I try to take them from default .Xresources with added transparency but somehow I am not satisfied.

Also, since the polybar doesn't show too much info I use some scripts to send more of it to notify-send.


:rainbow: Spectral: Shadow :new_moon:

Not many changes since last month.



Came across this little gem while looking for a file manager to use in i3wm. For windows 98 fans only :yum:

oh, and i'm a traitor now.


Nothing to show yet.
This is what Cinnamon 18.0 looks like directly switched to Testing branch and then updated after install.


that wallpaper is adorable :heart_eyes:


I want a light (as in the color scheme) desktop this time, but so far it's not happening.
Just threw this together tonight and it looks basically identical to my Xfce desktop.

Cinnamon Testing.
Theme: Matcha-Dark-Sea
Icons: Papirus-Adapta-Maia
Background: Manjaro 2018 package
edit: Fonts are Fira all around. I really like it, Mozilla did a good job on them.

I have two terminal emulators installed. Got rid of Gnome-Terminal.
Visible here, both as Dropdown (F12) and standalone is Xfce4-terminal. I also installed Tilix in case I need to spend some time in the terminal doing serious work, but it's not default nor in either picture.


And here is my Xfce setup.

Xfce4 Testing
Theme: Matcha-Dark-Sea
Icons: Papirus-Adapta-Maia
Background: Manjaro 2018 package
Fonts are Fira all around. I really like it, Mozilla did a good job on them (yes I have even told Chromium to use Fira fonts).