Mysql workbench bug


i have a problem with this program, after install and then open it, i cant see object or cant put window in full screen, cant select relationship for table because cant scroll down for select them, so its inusable.
I love this system with mate desktop, but if program like this or, another example, play on linux that have same bug, doesen’t work, i must leave from them and try other distro :frowning:

Thanks to anyone that try to help me


I had a problem with the workbench as well. No matter what I did I couldn’t get the workbench to access the local database. Hopefully it’ll get updated and fixed. I wound up trying to learn the database CLI.


finally i found fix to my problem, its all the adapta theme. If i impost one of adapta theme can’t see relationship, can’t put attribute, it’s inusable.

Change theme and all work well, Thanks however for try to help me, now i am with xfce and can continue to use my favorite distribution <3


On a slight tangent, you might look at dbeaver. It’s a bit more flexible, and works with MariaDB as well as the specific MySQL versions which mysql-wokbench supports.


Thanks for mentioning that. I’ll check it out. I like how it greets you with asking which connection type you want to do having an array of a selection. :smile: I look forward to checking it out more in detail later on.