MySQL c++ Connector

I am currently using libmysqlcppconn to converse with MySQL. I did not find a Manjaro package that delivers the required functionality. Would you please Identify a work around or the name of the package. I would like to avoid making changes to my code.


Maybe you can identify what you need from Arch repo

If you don’t find it there maybe AUR

seems to be mysql-connector-c++ on AUR

according the info I get about libmysqlcppconn here Debian -- Details of package libmysqlcppconn7v5 in buster, same “name” and version than AUR… and on AUR it’s a library from mysql then I guess it’s the same

I found this item but it is not clear to me how I proceed to install this.


I am continuing to read in a effor to figure this out.