MyCroft Digital Assistant Tool


Sometimes I use the MyCroft AI digital assistant tool on Arch or Ubuntu-based systems and find it sometimes very useful and fun to use. Could it be added to Manjaro’s repository officially so that we don’t have to compile it from the User Repository?


I assume the package in question is mimic… Did you notice the name of the package maintainer? I think you’re safe using anything @philm maintains. :blush:

Edit: I looked further and it might be you mean the entire suite of tools… the stuff here:

Given what is written on the Mycroft docs, it looks like they may want their software accessible via a buildable suite, not a pre-compiled set of binaries.


mycroft ai snap is available so they do provide precompiled binaries

snaps are not that much compatible with manjaro
may be im wrong but i prefer repo over snaps


The MyCroft AI was what I was referring to not the actual mimic software which manyroads mentioned. Also I also prefer the repository over snaps, snaps are interesting but incompatible as far as I know with the Manjaro system.


Why is this statement? Any more info to explain or prove it?


I have had snaps run on manjaro without much trouble… but that was a while ago.

Edit: I believe I followed the instructions here:


Snaps work fine on Manjaro and Arch.

Just some confinement stuff isn’t implemented, so not all snaps will work to the extent they are advertised.


In terms of the request itself:

  • this seems like a fairly niche application;
  • it’s not necessary for normal system operation;
  • it’s not going to be used by default in any Manjaro edition;
  • it’s already in the AUR;
  • none of the maintainers use it (that I’m aware of).

Therefore I don’t see it being added to the Manjaro repos.


installed mycroft by following

and created an account on
installed plasmoid
paired with online account
and its working