My whole system's appearance changed in one restart

So, i restarted my PC because Minecraft put linux in a whole new resolution and when I restarted it fixed it… and it also added a whole new menu bar and a rat logo in the left corner

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Also, I created a virtual machine, then deleted and half of my storage is gone, where are virtual drives stored?

Sounds like you managed to revert to default XFCE settings … meaning you did something that added/removed packages or reset your configurations or something …

Propably, is there any way to change it?

We dont know what you did.
You can probably find out though by looking in /var/log/pacman.log

Can I just change the logo back?

sure. if thats what you want. I guess that means theres no issue then.

How do I do that? Also where are virtual drives stored? Thanks :smiley:

I dont remember for XFCE … but I think you just Rt-Click on the menu and set properties there.