My /usr was deleted, looking for help with my re-instalation

The main thing I am looking for is help with maintaining my home directory and the recovering all my packages.

So I will save you the story, but that can be provided later if necessary. What’s important is as follows:
My /usr directory no longer exists. There is no getting that back. From what I could find on things on other threads I’m probably going to have to do a fresh install.

The great news is for reasons like this I had the foresight of having my Home is a separate partition! I also imagine It would not be hard to print a text file of my installed applications so that I could easily set that back up.

My 1st question is just on making sure that my old home hooks up properly to my new root partition.

My 2nd question is really what can I do about the things I downloaded from Git and AUR. I can prolly grab that list as well, but will I have to then re-install that by hand?

I wanna make sure this process for me goes as smoothly as possible. As I type this I am booted from the very live cd that I used to install the system (and also used to break it, its a long story…) Any help on the process would be much appreciated.


Cough Cough backups Cough Cough

Backups? I missed that in his post.

Apparently OP did, too.

Yea so my concern is not recovering /usr, its just the re-installation of it all.

But as you destroyed the system, I don’t think you could list your installed packages, from repos or AUR, or GitHub and so on… I think you need to start from scratch, and during installation just set your /home partition properly to have at least that back, then reinstall everything, and of course, learn about TimeShift in case you mess up later as it creates snapshots of the current working system, and can restore the snapshots.

I’m not all knowing though maybe someone has a solution for you, but don’t have hope on that I think you messed up good.

So Basically I followed a guide on the Arch forums from November of last year (i can’t post links my account is too new I think)
I got the lists entirely exported to 2 text files on my flash drive by running some stuff. As of right now I’ve been using pacstrap to get stuff back, basically just following this forum. Its working so far - i’ll keep you posted or something

You will probably end up with a messed up system, or something.

Start fresh is my advice, now good luck in your adventures.