My system is slow - really slow

So there is some answers about this topic but they dont seem to work and something that concerns me is the output of systemd-analyze here is the output:

Startup finished in 3min 5.160s (kernel) + 10min 32.036s (userspace) = 13min 37.197s reached after 8min 53.531s in userspace

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This an issue with your hardware and system configuration - not Manjaro as operating system.

My workstation

➜  ~ systemd-analyze                          
Startup finished in 21.337s (firmware) + 5.644s (loader) + 7.305s (kernel) + 7.383s (userspace) = 41.670s reached after 6.245s in userspace

I3 is a window manager so you are correct - there is something off.

A viable and the most likely cause is a failing disk.

Please post the outputs of the following commands.

  1. systemd-analyze blame
  2. systemd-analyze critical-chain
  3. inxi -Fazy.

Also check in GNOME disks if you have a failing HDD (Run SMART Data and Self-Tests)

We can only hypothesize until you provide the requested information.

From the suspicious 10 minutes delay, I suspect that you mounted a network drive or something where the wait time is 10 minutes (600 seconds).

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