My system has not been updated for a week

Greetings, I am new to Manjaro and I do not know very well the pace of updates, but I find it suspicious that my system has not been updated for a little over a week.
Maybe I have a problem with the repositories?

Hello @Aleph_sev ,

if you are on the stable branch, what is common, then full upgrades will be pushed once a month. So no worry. Critical packages will be pushed as soon as possible.


nothing to worry about, you are freed of idiotic ms-windows with its frequent updates. i expect that you are on the stable release and that’s okay. you can check this with the following command in a console/terminal

pacman-mirrors -G

Yes, I am in the stable branch.
Then I am much more relaxed. That’s really better than continuous updates.
Thank you!


Just follow the announcement threads, all updates are published there with any potential issues /manual intervention that maybe needed. Also its good practice to do a back up before updating just incase (very unusual for issues especially on stable but with a live USB and a backup you can fix anything)