My system freeze since last update


This morning i worked about 2 hours without any problem. Although when I launched the system, I saw a red message “impossible to launch the swap”
But now, i have some freezing problems. I’m thinking of reinstalling the system, i’m wasting both your time & mine, trying to find a solution.
Wht is your advice ???

Thanks for helping me


You might have to create a swap partition instead of a swapfile.

The swapfile must be the same size of your RAM + 512 MB.

The easiest way to proceed is with gparted and shrink your system partition (probably sda2) and add a new partition with the new empty space created and format it with linux-swap.

For more details, feel free to let me know! :smile:

Ok, thanks for your help.

if I don’t make it this time, I’ll surrender and make a a fresh install on my system.

Have a nice day

I was answering in the wrong thread