My system borked again upon running the latest updates... I have a quick question

I have the same problem that I had 6 months ago:

So, the good news is I think I can fix it :grinning: I’m just a little unsure about which version of the kernel I’m installing. At the Manjaro download page the file says linux66. Is that what I use?

What do you mean?

That you are running an EOL kernel and need a supported one?

Then … any of those provided by mhwd-kernel (or the manjaro-settings-manager GUI) would be fine.

Though, the usual wisdom still applies - keep at least one working LTS installed at all times, silly.

To see the current state of kernels in general then look at

I just run the latest stable kernel… not sure which one that is, maybe 6.7.6 according to the link you shared.

Last time I typed:

sudo pacman -Syu linux65

But this time what do I type?
(I just tried ‘linux66’ and the system did not get to login screen :face_exhaling:).

What leads you to believe its the same issue?

Did you actually do the same thing - as in somehow powered off in the middle of updates?

Do you see the same errors?

What kernel do you select? 6.7 is very much alive at the moment.

So if you are using that, then it is not the same issue.

Maybe its the plymouth problem thats been posted to death ?

(in which case you can remove plymouth or allow the downgrade which might fix it)

That would make sense to check out if its just a random black screen that you are assuming is the same as previously.

If you actually did interrupt an upgrade then its not just the kernel thats at stake. It could be any of the packages involved in the upgrade.

See for example:

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So in 6 months you learned nothing. Congratulations. :joy:

I guess so!
‘linux67’ worked for me :yum:

I think the way to avoid this problem is to close memory heavy programs like browsers and office stuff while updates run. Watching a video in a separate program is probably OK.

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