My system boots at a black screen and at the top left corner says ''GRUB'' and it doesnt let me type or do anything else

hello so i used the command ‘‘ctrl + alt + f1’’ when i restarted my system, and now the only thing that appears is a black screen that at the top left corner says ‘‘GRUB’’ and i tried to type and it doesn’t let me.
alr you guys said i need more info, so i saw a tutorial about how to encrypt my home folder and so when i restarded my system, and used the command ctrl alt f1 i could only see a black screen with a words saying grub at the top, and it doesnt let me do anything, like typing or nothing else. and i had manjaro before and it was functional and worked perfectly but when i did this it just broke. i installed manjaro with a usb drive.
the last resort would be installing manjaro again from the beginning and that would be painful, also if you want to know the website to where i got the tutorial about how to encrypt my home folder i can send it to you, just say you want it on the chat and i will send it to you.
thanks for the help everyone :slight_smile:

Can you provide more information about your system, how you installed Manjaro, is this a new problem on an existing system, is this a freshly installed system, etc, etc?

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sorry, now i provided more information if you need anything else let me know