My Manjaro Propaganda

I'm not a graphic designer but I think I did alright.

Made with gimp and some youtube tutorials


I like it. Better than some advertisements made by professionals. :crazy_face:

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I do not think that word means what you think it means...


Propaganda? I always call any ads propaganda because I think it's funny

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Being Russian I can't help but agree. I know what it means very well.

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This two are not synonyms and can't be used interchangeably!

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Bro, I get it, It was a joke

Have you tried to post it here?

What makes you assert that? :slight_smile:


Of course it's propaganda.

First step is to convince people to use Manjaro. Once it's market share reaches critical point of 0.019 percent, people will get their nano chips trough some of critical kernel updates or maybe vaccines that bogdanovic is working on in his basement for decades (google it, it's true), and green Manjaro logo mark will be engraved after shaving the top of their heads, as nano chips will run their will through one of systemd services. And that.. that is just a beginning. God knows what else is cooking in their kitchen.

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Dude, you weren't supposed to let the cat out of the bag. :crazy_face:

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systemctl enable --now free-will.service

Thinking this through, it's actually a bit too dystopic for my liking.

Won't the free-will.service clash with the predestined.service?

I'm killing the self-isolation.service

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