My Manjaro Machine: 1 year anniversary.

Hello everybody. So, one of my computers has been running Manjaro for about a year now, and I wanted to go ahead and share my experience so far and what I do with the distro. At the start, it was rough for me. I was a complete linux noob with a huge amount of confidence coming from Mint. I had my fair share of problems at the start, albeit 100% my fault. (A huge thank you to this forum for guiding me through those issues). I won't go into detail, but, after starting with gnome and ultimately settling on cinnamon, I consider Manjaro to be one of my favorite distros!

I have had no issues with stability or updates to date and everything on the OS works well. I enjoy pacman and its companion pamac very much. The whole package management system is direct, clear, and useful. I have recently enabled AUR support and have built select applications quickly and without issue. But most importantly, I can do daily tasks with Manjaro without worry. Firefox works flawlessly, I do everything from schoolwork (LibreOffice does good here, too) to Netflix streaming. The OS never lags, freezes, or crashes. Updates are done quickly and do not disturb me while I am working or playing.

All in all it's been a great year with Manjaro and I have a learned a lot about Linux and computers courtesy of this distro. I also enjoy the polite and positive community and I look forward to using Manjaro for many more years to come. I can honestly see this OS getting a huge amount of support in the future. Cheers!


Almost 6 months for me here! No regrets! Installed on other computers since! Glad your expierience has been awesome!


Congratulations on your anniversary! Hopefully you'll have many, many more.

My 4 year anniversary of my 1st Manjaro install (desktop) is coming up in June. It's been pretty much trouble free; a small hiccup here and there, but no real breakages. Most of the hiccups were related to the early days of Plasma 5.

I have since installed it on two laptops, and have had zero issues on them.

Manjaro has definitely impressed me with its stability. Pretty much as stable as Debian, but nowhere near as boring. :wink:

Anyway, to celebrate the anniversary, I'm planning on a cheesecake and a nice bottle of Cockburn's 20-year-old Tawny Port. Hey, I'll take any excuse for a cheesecake and a bottle of nice Porto! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


Same for me. Almost 6 months and Manjaro Cinnamon was the distro for me that made switching to Linux a permanent affair (that and DXVK and Proton and Lutris).

Also learned a whole lot in this time and now even have a script that I can run to update my system, install my apps, copy over app settings and tweak all my desktop settings in one go.

Love Linux.


It's been a few months (at least) for me as well. I've been loving it and now that I also have it running on my desktop machine I've been enjoying the fact that I can run it non-stop) at times and not have it want to reboot on me for updates. I also agree about pacman the commands are shorter to me than apt and I feel like I can do more with it. The AUR also did a great job at stealing my heart anyway from anything that's not arch or arch-based.

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That's the most important thing.
Manjaro is a fantastic learning experience, the more you learn, the easier it will be for you to fix issues.
Keep it going!


Keep switching between Xfce and Gnome, never able to decide what to run. But even after deliberately distro hopping for about two months I kept Manjaro as my backup / goto and I don't really see a reason to do that again. I don't have an exact date but I believe I am up to about 11 months on Manjaro now.


Update: I have installed the KDE edition on my daily driver laptop! I look forward to more Manjaro fun!

My favorite desktop on Linux is KDE.
Since version 0.8 of KDE I am using it.
Also on other Linux distros like Centos, Kubuntu, Opensuse, PCLinuxOS.