My Linux adventure


I started my Linux adventure in 1995 with Suse 5.2 (?).
I have tested every main distro available on the market.

I also had Gentoo Linux on my computer: every day I had to install updates for 1 hour.
When I came back from holiday, then there were 1000 updates and circular dependencies.

Then I switched back to Opensuse: version 42.1, 42.2 and 42.3.

Last autumn I decided to switch to another distro and questioned for that on
Manjaro was recommended and with version 17.1.2, the installation was successful.

Now I am using Manjaro and on this board since autumn 2018.
Linux is my working OS and I also use it for browsing in the internet.

The second OS is Windows 10 pro x64, which I am using from time to time.


Since you tested every main distro, what is your opinion about Slackware?

Slackware does not install dependencies automatically (when a program or package is installed).
This is very uncommon.

Even Gentoo installs dependencies automatically.

have you tried any BSD distributions? I installed DragonFlyBSD in VM sometime ago as a learning exercise.

That was the time I turned my back on OpenSuse. 42.1 was a mess! I quickly found Manjaro by then and stayed with it until now (and in the future!).

Yes, I have tried to installed BSD with KDE desktop (I can´t remeber which one):

I could not proceed behind the partitioning, so could not install BSD.

This is, what I can say about *BSD.

P.S.: I could remember, which BSD I wanted to install. TrueOS.

You are correct but try saying that to a Slacker they will argue that is the correct way to do things.

And that is the main difference of the big 3 philosophies.
Debian patches and installs the kitchen sink, Slackware is vanilla does not install optional deps, Arch is mainly vanilla does not install optional deps but gives a list so the user can choose what is needed.
I did not include Gentoo as well Gentoo is Gentoo, nothing like it. nothing comes close but just to much work to maintain.


Gentoo is like when you buy a new car at your car dealer, but you take a cab home.


how about Mandrake? :grin:

Now it is called Mandriva.:crazy_face:

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