My laptop seems to have issues with the new router

We just installed a new optical modem/router/ap, and it doesn’t like my laptop.
At first I thought it was a dns problem because the default dns server was the router itself, but after changing to it still had issues. Sometimes it wouldn’t be able to even ping googles ip address. Another oddity is that the router would refuse any connections to itself coming from my laptop (ie can’t open up it’s admin panel) even after trying wired, wireless both directly and through a different router connected to it.
This issue only happens to my laptop, all other devices on the network seem to be fine.

did you try to reset the router

What does this issue have to do with the GNOME desktop environment?

it has to do you see some DEs provide better intenet speed than others
like kde offers better network bandwith than gnome

Actually, Plasma and GNOME both use NetworkManager, so that is not true.

By the way, Plasma is a desktop environment made by KDE, which is a software foundation.

but i exprienced network lagging in gnome

Idk the default tag was kde, I use gnome.