My laptop may have died , but I have Manjaro on a external ssd , are my drivers going to be ok if I do this?

I’m in shock , maybe the guy who changed my thermal paste and cleaned the dust forgot to plug my laptop’s cooler back…

I honestly don’t know what happened, but the cooler of my laptop (msi pl62 7rc) used to scream when reaching 70…80°C , but now at 98°C it wasn’t screaming at all , I Hope that’s just the cooler being disconnected :frowning:

I have my mom’s laptop, some old HP and since my Manajaro is installed on a external ssd I was thinking about using hers to update my Linux and install software on it…

Now I kinda have a odd question… If I plug the external ssd in her laptop and Manajaro works are my NVIDIA drivers for my msi laptop going to be removed? And maybe other drivers like maybe for the trackpad ?

I’m asking since I’ve read that this can happen on Pop Os , and I really don’t want this to happen…

Edit: I have a ton of luck that my laptop didn’t completely burn when installing Manajaro, the place where we did work was so nosy that I couldn’t hear it at all , I thought that it was dying when I’ve noticed when updating windows 10, on dev/sda sort to say on Msi afterburner in temperature monitoring mode :frowning:

It’s MANJARO. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No, why would they be removed? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But if that other laptop uses different hardware, then you’re probably going to run into trouble due to that hardware not being supported without a proper setup.

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Ok , soory about typing errors , I’m writing from my Android phone…

These fancy keyboard have autocorrect always on …

Yeah , I’ll have to wait until my laptop gets fixed I guess, otherwise I’ll have to buy another one , gosh , w new one it’s at least 1500 lei , the ones with similar hardware are like 2200 lei

Well , I’ll have to not update my Manjaro today I guess

Well you made this post, so I think you’re not dead yet.
Praise Be! It’s a miracle!!

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Neh , it’s fine , the guy who cleaned it forgot to plug the fan back in , thanks god

But to see 98°C on your cpu is scary anyway, I just thought that it broke

It was thermal throttling all through the Manjaro installation

I mean , it kinda makes sense that it isn’t possible to cool a 15W 7300hq only passively unless you got 1.5-2 kg of steel in a heatsink that’s not going to fit in the laptop anyway

@Ben lol , I can’t justnot make a typo when writing a text , but fortunately I’m just 21 huehuehue

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