My keyboard doesn't work till I hit it

Well, I know this is not a Manjaro bug, but most likely you will find interesting.

During boot up my keyboard doesn’t work till I literally start hitting it. Then it works without problems for the rest of the session.

What are the physics behind this? Thanks.

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Faulty wiring, slight loose component, etc.
…or maybe thats just what it likes? :wink:


Your keyboard does have suicidal thoughts or just too old to handle all that pressure anymore. time to buy a new one. :wink:


Drop kick it real hard…then by a new one is the answer! :wink:

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2009… its mouse just died… He feels alone.


Have you tried not hitting it and just wait a while?? :smiley:

It seems that it won’t work anyway, but I will have a more thoroughly look.

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P.P.S. Please replace your keyboard ASAHP…

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