My keyboard cannot write < > with AltGr+shift+z/x

Hello. I have a spanish keyboard that happens to not have the “< >” key but until around 2 weeks ago, before the last update I was able to write those symbols using AltGr+shift+z/x key combination which pretty much solved the issue. But the last update brings some changes to my keyboard layout and now what I got from those key combinations are a “smaller” versions of “< >” more concrete, these : ‹ ›. which i cannot use for programming purposes coz they are different symbols. is there a way to rollback to the old keyboard layout? I have tested in other linux distributions and the keyboard output works just fine, (ubuntu and fedora) same in windows. I reinstalled manjaro but the problem persist after a clean install. sugestions? I know i could use unicode combinations but lets us agree that’s sub-optimal, tiresome and slow.

thanks u’all for Ur support :slight_smile: