My introduction as new Manjaro user and forum member

I found no place in the new forum for new member introductions, so I copied my into from the old forum and put it in this catagory. I didn’t know what we should use.
Hi, from jimmy,
I am retired engineering tech in my 70’s, now enjoying time with family, playing games, working puzzles, gardening and working on my family history. A lot of my career was spent in computerized control systems analysis and repair. The most OS used was DOS/Windows from ver 1.0. I used Linux Ubuntu some. So I am a beginner in Linux and after much reading, decided to use Linux Manjaro Xfce as my new learning tool. I have found many fine people and good information in your forum. I want to give a warm HELLO to all of you. Your help appreciated.

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Hello and welcome!

Here is a good place to introduce you:


Thank you very much megavolt for this information. I am still trying to find the right catagories and areas to post in, in the new forum. It was helpful to find out from you that it is in catagory Feedback, sub catagory Forum. Thanks again.

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