My install not showing files in $HOME/Desktop

I have manjaro 20.1.1 installed alongside ubuntu 20.04. They share the same home partition. There is a Desktop directory and Ubuntu has no problem recognizing it and showing the files inside it on the desktop.

But Manjaro doesn’t. In Manjaro, there is nothing on the desktop and when I right click the desktop, I can only see three options: Change background; Display settings; Settings. I expect to see something like ‘Create A New File’ but there isn’t one. The the nautilus doesn’t show the Desktop directory on the left side pane either.

I tried setting the XDG_DESKTOP_DIR="$HOME/Desktop" in ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs but no luck.

Both ubuntu and manjaro run the gnome desktop environment. I installed manjaro first by the way.

I don’t know what’s going on with my manjaro. What should I do to fix the manjaro desktop folder? What could be the possible cause of this problem?

It isnt a ‘problem’.
Gnome hasnt shown files on the desktop by default for quite some time now.
Its one of the few design choices of theirs agree with. :grin:

But there is a really common extension for changing/adding that.
Namely the repo package gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons.


Thanks cscs. It worked like a charm.

I have to admit that desktop without files is much more pretty. But I do need the convenience of desktop files :grin:

The way I do it?
Make sure to keep (at least mostly…sorta…eh) organized. Keep docs in Documents, and so on.
And assign a good hotkey to your file manager.
Then get to loving it.
When I want to work with files … I hit Super+F (for file manager).
Maybe I even do it a couple times to have multiple windows.

But hey. Thats that workflow/style.
If you want desktop files … go ahead and use them :+1:


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