My home separate partition is full

my home separate partition is full and the program closes and crashes
I have dual boot win10 and manjaro
my hard drive is 1 tb
I made home 15 GB
swap 8 gb
root 85 gb
the other are for windows and my other partitions
and I don’t know what to do
may u help me?
thank you

If your home partition is only 15 GB and it’s full, you can only delete files to recover some space.

What was your reason to have such a small home partition and large root? Resizing partitions is dangerous and might no be possible if you have multiple partitions and some of them are windows. However, as a workaround, you could move the full /home folder to the root partition, then delete this partition and resize the root to have 100GB in total.

Would that be something that works for you?


Resizing of ext4 partitions is not dangerous if done from a live ISO boot with unmounted partitions using a partition manager like GParted. Nevertheless, I would backup before doing it.


Ok may you till may more details,
how can I do this,
how space should I allocate for the home and root to make it work good?

Yeah it will work may you tell me more details?
should I copy paste the contents of the home directory or what???

So, first, I recommend a backup. What I’m going to propose, I don’t know how Windows reacts to different partition layouts, be sure to have everything backed up.

  1. You have to change to a different TTY, so enter Ctrl+Alt+F2

  2. login as your user.

  3. change to root user by running:

    sudo -i

    and entering your user’s password. You’re now root, so be careful.

  4. Now, stop all services that might be running and drop to a lower runlevel:

    systemctl isolate graphical 

    Maybe you’re redirected to another TTY, so switch back to the one you just created with Ctrl+Alt+F2

  5. Now unmount your current /home partition with:

    umount /home
  6. and mount it at a different location with:

    mount /dev/sdX /mnt

    The X in sdX must be replaced by the partition number of the /home partition.

    If you paste the content of /etc/fstab and the output of lsblk, we can locate the correct partition together

  7. Copy all files from the old partition to the new partition:

    rsync -hav --progress=info2 /mnt/ /home/

    The above will take a while.

  8. Now, unmount the old partition:

     umount /mnt
  9. and can go to the previous runlevel:

    systemctl isolate multi-user

    The display manager should be started.

  10. You login to your graphical environment and run the program gparted in which you can delete the old partition (be very careful and think twice which one to delete).

  11. When that’s done, you can add the now unallocated 15GB to the root partition and gparted notifies the filesystem of the change, so it will be available immediately.

  12. you open the /etc/fstab file as root user (e.g.

     sudo nano /etc/fstab

    and delete the line where it says in the second column /home.

Think twice about running the commands. They are untested by me, so please ask before you run anything you don’t understand.


I couldn’t send you the photos but the home partition name is sda9 in gparted and lsblk output

I got rsync error : some files/attrs weren’t transferred