My history with Linux, very rocky first impressions

Back when Windows 8 came out, and turned out to be not so good. I thought Win8 represented a trend away from traditional desktop PC OS’s, and became frustrated with Microsoft. So I decided to try out Linux, especially since Steam was brought over to that platform. My first choice was Mint, since I had heard of some bad things with Ubuntu, and Unity at the time, as well as privacy concerns, which reminded me of Windows. Well, my first impression of Linux with Mint was mostly negative, turned out I had just started using Mint when Cinnamon was brand new out of the works, and was kinda buggy (at least for me), and kept glitching out, and whatnot. The biggest problem I had was getting my wifi USB adapter to work, spending multiple days getting it to work, and no dice. Then like a moron, I tried using Linux the same way I used Windows, going to websites to downloads all the software I wanted, turned out that was not the way it worked on Linux. Then I saw that there were multiple types of executables, which confused me. The terminal scared the crap outta me, because whenever I looked online for solutions to problems I was having, the solution always involved the terminal.

After a couple weeks of using Mint, I experienced many many kernel panics, and games bringing down the entire system, needing to be reinstalled. That was when I started distro hopping, first looking at Ubuntu based ones because hey, thats the easy to use distro right? Thats the safe place! Tried out about a dozen distros, Pinguy, Zorin, all variants of Ubuntu itself, even Debian, and had the same problems with them as Mint (Except Debian, which I just found to be too hard to use), endless crashing, and stability issues. Almost gave up on Linux when I decided to leave the Ubuntu space, and go elsewhere. Tried PCLinuxOS, and Manjaro, and fell in love with both of them, but stuck with Manjaro right around the time version 0.8.6 came out. Now I admit, I had some stability issues with Manjaro as well, but not nearly as bad. I loved how Manjaro worked, and knew that it was in a very early stage of development, and knew it would only get better. And so I learned so much about Linux on Manjaro. Linux is just an amazing platform, and Manjaro is absolutely one of the best distros out there. In mid 2015 though I stopped using Linux for a few years because after I bought a new PC, I had to give up one of my 2 HDD’s and so I could only use 1 OS, and so I just ran Windows.I was just too lazy to buy another one lol. But back in october finally did, and installed Manjaro on it, and damn, it is so much better than it was even in 2015, seems like all the issues I had with it back then have been fixed, and now it works so well. I would say it’s stability, and ease of use are now very much on par with Windows 10. Great job guys!

I also wanna mention, back in 2013, I bashed Ubuntu a lot, as well as Mint for being based on it. But those guys went through a lot of growing pains as well, and have gotten so much better too. I’ve learned that distro bashing does not really help Linux as a whole, and only serves to divide the community more. All distros have there special place :slight_smile:


Similar experience here from Ubuntu to Manjaro. The most ironic thing I found is people usually think a rolling-released distro is less stable than a point-released distro, which is always opposite from the reality. The experience with Ubuntu is like: Most of the problems people encountered will happen to me, and some of the problems only happen to me, but most of the solutions they provided on the forum don’t fix the problems for me. As a so-called newbie friendly distro, Ubuntu serves as the opposite purpose that newbies can probably learn quicker from endless problem-solving affairs. No bashing, just it doesn’t work for me.

Man. Reading this thread is giving me so much deja vu. My problem back in those days. I had learn how to use the terminal to install the right nvidia driver. It took me a month and half to full figure out how and why it work that way. Oo some of you new linux users have it so much easier compared to my frist time linux. I don’t want to go back to 2008 linux hell.


Oh yes indeed. Back when I started most distro had Free and NonFree repositories if they even had NonFree. It really became a PITA to install new releases of distros and setting up everything all over again after installing. Manjaro makes thing a lot easier as long as you keep up with the updates.

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I go back a bit further than that, to the days when MEPIS was the hot distro, around 2005/2006. I gave up in the end, just getting wifi to work was an achievement. Manjaro is now everything I hoped Linux would be, it’s light years ahead of those days, I can finally rid myself of the bloated malware that is windows.


Man, I can only imagine what those days were like. I dove head first into Linux without knowing ANYTHING about it, or how it worked, or did things differently, went in blind, and came out the other side very enlightened, and impressed with it. It was such a fun experience learning a new OS.

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My experience.

My feeling.


I had a similar experience with Ubuntu, I broke the system within 30 minutes and repeatedly broken it everyday (the results of too much enthusiasm of a Linux newbie). How I figure it, breaking your system is a rite of passage when you first start out (at least that's what I'm telling myself)

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