My flashdrive cant be used after formatting

How do i fix it? i chose 2 option for linux only and windows both of them dont worked

idk what information to give tbh, its just like that, okay maybe its already been filled with manjaro boot files before? does that help?
aaaaa what is that?

idk a single thing what youre talking about, im super new to this kinda of thing

Are you trying to create a bootable Manjaro USB stick?
Or are you just trying to use (partition+format) a normal USB stick?

You have to be more precise and explain what you're trying to achieve.

sorry man. Im trying to use my usb stick normally.

Try to use it properly. :slight_smile: When you format it is as extfs, fat32, ext4, ntfs ... etc ... ? Are you using GParted or Disks ?

Try using the mint-stick package.

It has a format function.

Also sometimes they will not accept formatting unless you wipe it clean writing zeros using dd. Overwriting only the start of the drive is all that's usually required. You don't need to overwrite the entire drive to wipe it.

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