My first Slackware experience (humorous)

So, being bored out of my mind, I grabbed an ISO from Slackware and set off on a VirtualBox install. This was my first time installing any distro without a GUI installer to hold my hand and configure everything for me, so I was pretty nervous. Luckily, I got through the installation ok, and even got the desktop, Slackpkg going, and ran my first update without issue. I must say the documentation on Slackware was very good, maybe not Arch wiki level of detail but good.

Anyhow, I configured my user outside of the desktop and got ready for my first experience. I logged in. A strange desktop appeared in front of my face and claimed to be KDE. Having only come to Linux in 2018, I first thought this was some kind of imposter desktop, only to suddenly realize I was staring at the mythical KDE 4 that all the KDE gurus raved about. Being a history major, I was amused at this and I decided to explore it. That’s when I realized that I had made a mistake in my install, as upon hovering the mouse over the applications bar, a massive menu of available apps graced my screen, blocking out Firefox and my YouTube music video.

Upon further review of my steps, I discovered that during install, I had ticked the box titled “KDE desktop and all relevant software (9GB).” Needless to say I spent a fair amount of time removing stuff. I am still new to this distro but I look forward to more crazy things and fun! Yes I am that bored.


I personally prefer KDE4, which is not to say that I'm not a fan of Plasma5; I just feel that KDE4 (after it got the numerous bugs worked out) was perfect for me. I still have an HDD with an old Debian 8 installation, just so I can fire it up now and then and revisit the glory of KDE4.

I'm not sure if it was Slackware or Debian that provided me my first taste of Linux back in the 1990s; some days I think it was Slack, other days I think it was Debian. I tried them both out fairly early on, and I've always liked both. I will never be without at least one Debian installation in my life.

I almost installed Slackware in a VM a few weeks ago. Your post has revived that interest. Like you, I am that bored.


You should check out. Trinity Desktop Environment. It bring back KDE 3.5. Just like how MATE bring back gnome 2.

Another thing to look into. Is slackbuilds. You can think of it as the AUR for slackware.


Slackware was my first distro! You're bringing back fond memories of my baby days youth middle age. :smiley:


Trinity does not run any more and the repo ( has been down for a week or more. :frowning:

Tried building from source, but it didn't work.

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Yeah, I ran Gentoo for about 8 months or so a few years back. That's time I'll never get back :laughing:.


You can always try one of these distro in VM. Then install from there.

The other VM option is to try distro from my past. But don't know if any iso are still around. Also, make sure you grab 32bit version. 64bit was very experimental back then. Kubuntu 8.04 and opensuse 10.X.

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You should, it's a neat experience. I haven't changed to the current repo yet, which is their testing, so I don't have all the latest stuff but it was fun to install and play around with.

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So I changed to the testing branch, not much difference except kernel 5.4 and some later stuff like nano, emacs, etc. KDE still the same.

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