My FF's are allergic to viewing PDFs

As best i could find, our forum does not have a thread applicable to my scenario.
As best i could find, the interwebs have mainly [/only?] prehistoric topics on this.

Each month i reconcile my Amex & MasterCard accounts against my records. To do so i log into my respective member portals to see the preceding month’s eStatement. Duh, yawn, so what?

If i use Chromium, or the Vivaldis, both eStatements open drama-free within the browser as a new tab. That is my preference.

If i use Firefox, Firefox-Dev.Ed, or PaleMoon, & despite my pdf setting in each one unambiguously set to view PDFs in the browser, not with external pgm…


…they defy me & popup a dialog box giving me the choice only to Save, or to open in an external pgm of my choice.

I have looked at all pdf-related entries in about:config, but cannot perceive one that might be clearly causing this naughtiness.

I have opened FF naked, not in Firejail per my standard practice. No improvement.

I have relaunched FF in Safe Mode sans all Add-ons. No improvement.

To say i am “displeased” with this silliness would be solidly euphemistic.

The fact that i can’t see signs of major chunks of the proletariat complaining about also having this hassle, really puzzles/surprises me.

Boilerplate Mozilla pap like this only increases my irritability.

Please, Manjaroos, what obvious setting / thingie am i missing here?

You need to supply pictures of the eStatements involved or it will be impossible to help you. As is usual here on the forum you need to supply decent information. :grin:

Damnit, my screenshot tool is busted atm. Would it be acceptable instead if i posted here my accounts’ full details including passwords, then you can check for yourself? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’d not realised you were holidaying in Nigeria or Ghana atm [you’re not a rich prince by any chance, i suppose?].

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I had this problem before but i don’t know how i’ve fixed it :sweat_smile:
Try manually adding a new entry to “open with” using firefox, firefox “%F”, firefox “%S” or firefox “%U”

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In kde (I think you’re on kde, except in some regrettable flings),
right click on that pdf document --> open with --> Other Applications (left click) --> Choose FF
Check box “Remember Application Association blah blah blah…”

(Edit) - whats wrong with okular?


You need to create a separate thread for that. :wink:

This may be a site specific issue as I also do online banking and have been able to access the PDFs for my account in the FF browser rather than having to save and view with Okular.

That said, if I go on Gigabyte’s website and try to view PDF manuals it will open a Save As dialogue.

I think that may be something that is set on the site itself, and different browsers interpret that something differently.

I have the same issues…some open in new window, some give the dialog (FF), Chromium does the same thing as you (and I’m on XFCE).

Thank you all for helping. Here’s some feedback:

That sounds ostensibly very interesting, but i spent a couple of hours on this yesterday without success. My default is actually FF-Dev, not FF, so i tried first in Dev before FF.

First i tested what happens if i tried editing things in the popup dialog box that appears when i click the website link. Dev does not even provide an option to choose itself:

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that if i select “Firefox”, when [in Dev, remember] i subsequently click the eStatement link, the pdf did open up in a new tab… but in FF, not FF-Dev. Not helpful.
Conversely a different dialog box appears if i try to edit stuff first in Preferences - General - Applications.

This proved to be spectacularly bad. With this setting, clicking the site’s link initiates a diabolical feedback loop of continuous new-tab openings, ending only when i rush to close FF-Dev. Upon relaunch i need to delete the gazillion blank tabs that had ensued. Not helpful.

Next i turned to vanilla FF. Regardless of trying the 1st method [pic #1 above], or the 2nd method via Preferences…

…the feedback loop occurs as already described for FF-Dev. Also, i don’t know how to add any of the suffixes you suggested, given the field is non-editable.

Yes, & teehee yes.

See my comments above.

Nothing, tis a fine pgm. It’s just that IMO i should not need the inelegance of relying on any external program to fulfil a function that FF claims to include natively, & which chromium-based browsers competently perform. This is, for me, as much a question of principle as of convenience.

That’s exactly what i had thought, too… until my testing disproved this hypothesis …

I am technically clueless here, but i had pondered this possibility too, so yesterday i emailed one of those sites & asked them if there’s some site-setting they use which prejudices FF compared to chromium-based browsers wrt PDFs. I’m hoping today i might get their reply.


Reply received today. Hopeless.


Thank you for your patience while I was in touch with our IT team.

Unfortunately, they have advised that they are aware of this issue and
this is not specific to the type of computer or browser used. They have
added your email to the feedback in regards to this issue and will
investigate it further but unfortunately there is no workaround or known
current fix to be able to enable this feature currently.

Their is not specific to the type of ... browser used is technically incorrect, given i have already proven that this bug/failure/incapacity only arises in Gecko-based browsers, not also chromium-based ones. Sigh.

This FF-weakness alone is insufficient to drive me back to chromium-based ones, but nevertheless it certainly annoys & irritates the crap outta me. :crazy_face:

So hard to get good help these days …

Just kidding, of course.

I understand your frustration.

Ain’t it true brother/sister/thingster, ain’t it soooo true.

Between you and me this is fine, but probably dont use such phrases in the wider world :wink:

What, don’t acknowledge that diverse gender identity is genuinely a thing, & ergo go to explicit pains to not pigeonhole you given i know nothing about you beyond the forum? Sorry [& i’d have hoped that past posts in the forum might have forewarned you], but i am not & never will be one of the insensitive clods who either deny the existence of GD, or arrogantly presume in their writings that everyone here is axiomatically male.

well yeah … that was kinda the point. you know, talking amongst understanding folks.
I rather suppose you wouldnt call my friends ‘things’.
I didnt mean to inflame anything :slight_smile:

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Ah, i see, it was that specific part. OK fair enough, but fyi coz my ironic intent was lost [my clumsiness], i should add this. That specific word was used NOT coz that’s what i think about non-binaries [which indeed btw is exactly opposite], but as [yet another] part of my ongoing rebellion against those everywhere [especially including this forum, considering past Adverse Events, ahem] who ignorantly &/or imperiously refute reality. I apologise that my textual failings provided the unintended interpretation.

Hmmm, i’ve OT’d my own thread, again. :woman_facepalming:

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Do all pdfs open in an external editor from FF for you?

Not that it is terribly useful information but every pdf I tried opened up inside firefox for me. I am not using firefox-dev though. Is it only there?

No. not all. Many do work ok. The two of most concern to me however, my MasterCard & Amex monthly eStatements at their respective sites, always misbehave as i described for gecko-based browsers, and do so [per earlier post/s] in FF-Dev, FF, & PaleMoon. Those same sites correctly open the pdf within the browser, for all chromium-based browsers.

It would be interesting if other Amex card users might comment on their eStatements.

Yesterday for various reasons i chose to re-re-re-migrate back to FF-Dev from Vivaldi-Snapshot, having in the meantime forgotten all about this thread. Sadly, today i discovered that notwithstanding FF-Dev now being n versions later than before, nothing has improved re my Amex & MC pdfs.

Rotten A & MC IT people for not making their sites/pdfs compatible with the native FF pdf functionality.

Rassen sassen frassen... :unamused: