my cpu is very hot

why my laptop is so hot, it heats up if I look at what the tutorial will look like
I could do, I'm using arch linux

Obviously there must be something wrong with your CPU cooler then. Maybe you could ask at the Arch forums, since that is what you're using? :roll_eyes:

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If you do an Internet search on the topic you will find thousands of helpful tips... including excellent guidance on the arch site.

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yes I use arch, in arch forum you get harder, but I see that here the open world to solve the problems facing them

If your a handy type (no pun intended :wink: ), you usually only have to remove the keyboard & you should be able to see the CPU/fan.

A very common problem is a build up of dust in the heat sync which can dramatically lower its efficiency.

If you have access to a compressor, or you can buy a can of compressed air, you can blow out the dust. Just be careful to not let the fan spin freely from the compressed air. As it is very possible to damage the fan by letting it spin free under the power of the compressed air.

I remove the dust from my machines from time to time, usually before they show signs of overheating.

Of course you may have a failed fan. Though your machine will usually go into a reboot cycle if that is what is happening. Or your power control/fan speed settings are wonky. Unlikely but possible.

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Here's a good article on the subject...


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