My computer is being scanned

Mein Rechner wird gescannt…
sobald ich aufrufe:

über Firefox 108.0.1 - wobei alle Caches über eine RAM-Disk laufen,
trotzdem leuchtet die Festplatten-Kontroll-LED fast eine halbe Minute!
Vielleicht möchte etwas das Forum hacken - oder ist das neuerdings normal??

My computer is being scanned…
as soon as I call:

via Firefox 108.0.1 - with all caches running on a RAM disk,
(verified: about:cache)
nevertheless, the hard disk control LED lights up for almost half a minute!
Maybe something wants to hack the forum - or is that normal lately?

The forum app Discourse save a lot of data in localstorage - only accessible by the domain - so perhaps a filesystem error.

Have you tried profile-sync-daemon? This creates in memory profiles which is only saved on exit.


To see what is stored → When at the forum URL → F12 → Storage tab → Indexed DB

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Discourse - that is the reason indeed. No filesystem-error.

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