My BTRFS has entered a read-only state

But my ESP partition has not entered a read-only state.

I have found this tool.

In theory, all I need to do is copy this image to the ESP partition and edit the grub to remotely repair my file system?

No idea. Check this out:

I opine that this plan is likely more feasible.

However, if we ponder over a remote recovery scenario, the recovery image should at least facilitate SSH access.

Subsequently, upon scrutinizing the bootr build script, numerous issues emerged, including outdated configurations and a malfunctioning configs/authorized_keys.

Nonetheless, the originator did validate SSH login, discovering that I could indeed utilize the default generated private key to access SSH, thus enabling me to, at the very least, rectify the file system.

If you need SSH, then activate it with kernel parameters:


However, do as you wish.

The number of bad blocks on the SSD has exceeded the firmware’s permissible limit, rendering the SSD nonfunctional. While it may be possible to revive the SSD using MP tools, I believe it’s not worthwhile, as the last attempt led to a swift recurrence of numerous bad blocks, resulting in further damage.

However, I came across a method on the ArchWiki to enable the functioning of dropbear in the initramfs, which is quite intriguing.

Although mkinitcpio-dropbear does not support ed25519 due to the discontinuation by its original maintainer, it seems that subsequent maintenance has been taken over by someone else.