My BIOS won't even let me select boot order any more

I got myself into the weeds a bit with something I was doing, and now when I reboot, holding F12, or DEL, or F9 doesn’t do anything anymore (before, it opened the boot order / Motherboard menu / etc.).

I am extremely confused, since I didn’t think that messing around with filesystems would bork my Motherboard…

It boots normally, but I want to boot into live USB to do some fixing/tinkering and I’ve hit a brick wall. No matter what I do it always boots to Manjaro directly and doesn’t let me boot from USB.

Any ideas on where I can check?

What I was doing prior to the issue:

I was chrooting into a separate disk via Live USB to install some stuff, including kernel related things. This involved running initcpio and grub command as a part of the pacman kernel update.

I used -l when umounting dev and sys etc.

That’s about it.

If I can’t figure out the issue I was working on, I’ll make a new thread. This thread I just want to know how to get into a Live USB again.

Thank you.

Manjaro Grub must be the first on the boot priority then. On boot type ESC and you should see the grub boot menu. The last entry will reboot the system to the UEFI Settings, where you can change the boot priority.

Anyway, there a very small time space where you can enter the UEFI directly with pressed F1 for example (depends on the Mainboard). So it could be that you missed the time space between UEFI <-> GRUB.

Or just run:

sudo systemctl reboot --firmware-setup