My Asus Laptop keyboard doesn't work after initial booting

I’m using Asus S15 OLED laptop and the keyboard doesn’t work after initial booting it does get detected at boot in grub menu and i can type and enter from the boot menu. What i have noticed is that keyboard detection only happens after cold boot if I’m hitting the keyboard keys and in warm boot it never works.

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I only guess is about the same model as described in this topic, so you might want to follow it and see where it leads:

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well this laptop doesn’t play well, sorry mate but if you check the internet you’ll recognize that the problems are hardware-pending and there is no solution yet. you need a specific driver even with ms-windows. don’t ask me what a company’s intention are in such a behaviour. the only way to use it is with an external keyboard. this laptop is a bitter lemon.

The problem is solved by compiling the kernel and applying the patch.
the patch link – h ttps:// view to download it as i cant paste link please join it )
and search youtube for compiling own kernel.
for ubuntu based distros–

enable sources in source list

apt-get source linux-image-(uname -r)

patch -p1 -i ~/Downloads/fix-irq-vivobook-K3502ZA.patch

chmod +x scripts/*.sh

make -j 5
sudo make modules_install

sudo make install

sudo vi /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf



sudo update-initramfs -c -k # i got source for (5.15.39)

sudo update-grub

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