My account was ip banned and deleted for replying to someone trying to help me


I’m using a new email but this is the same user name. I made a thread about an audio card issue with my macbook pro. Someone asked me for the output link to the alsa info script “” i believe it was. When I replied to the person with the link my account was instantly suspended and when I came back later to check up on it my account was gone. When I tried to make a new account I noticed I was IP banned as well. I’d like to know what happened and if I can get my account back.


What was your previous account name(s) ?


powerpcme, same as this one.


Also, I don’t really need the account back, Just would like the thread back since it had all the info on it.


There is a serious issue with spammers on most forums. Any new account that is created and starts posting links to outside sites tends to raise red flags. If someone feels your post is spam related and flags it as spam then the post gets removed. If someone else in the forum administration also feels it was spam related your account will most likely be banned.

That is the only way to keep the forum from being inundated with spam. It may seem an overreaction to you, but a forum that is filled with nothing but spam is not very useful. There needs to be controls in place to stop spamming.

Sometimes perhaps an innocent party gets banned unjustly, but generally the system functions quite well in keeping the forum spam free. There must be controls in place and no system is always infallible.


Totally understandable. I definitely wasn’t trying to spam, I was just seeking help. Is there anyway I can appeal this ban?


Being calm and reasonable will get you a long way. :hugs:

Doing a bit of background reading I found this on the wiki (

Seems the best/recommended thing to do is to PM an admin/moderator (but NOT philm). Find the list here ( - though do note some are not really that active any more. Personally I would suggest jonathon is the best person to contact for this issue, or maybe excalibur1234.


I’ve had a look through the moderation logs, and it looks like someone was a little over-zealous in this instance. I can’t see anything particularly suspicious with the thread or posted link, especially given it was a link to

I’d chalk it up to an honest mistake.


Ahh I see, Glad I didn’t do anything wrong :smile: Is there a way to get the thread back or will I have to make a new one? I’ll be careful next time to not share that link.


I recall your username from an earlier thread but not specific details

If thread was about an audio problem, I would be very likely to suggest using script to view system information. Script will offer to upload data to alsa-project and advise link to relevant page that can be posted to thread. It is better to have just url to the data than post it all on the thread


Posting the link is what flagged my account and got me banned in the first place. That’s why i’m very scared now to post a link at all.


If it was the alsa-info link that was cause of the ban it should not have happened

I have done a forum search on alsa-info and can find a number of times where myself or others have requested this information.

Hopefully a moderator can reinstate the thread so you can access the information there, but may need to start over with a new thread if can’t be reinstated


At this point, I’d just start over. :slight_smile:

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