MX-Linux is it rolling too? i.e. are now the top 2 distros on DW rolling?


I know MX / Antix were Debian based and derived from Mepis/Antix and are systemd refusenix.

I did not realize they were rolling until I read this DW review dated 3/1/2019
"Perfect !

I had MX 17.1
I have now MX 18 … Without realizing!
Just a few more updates!"

Or am I mistaken?
With ChromeOS, W10, Manjaro and … being rolling it is evident there is a good case for many fat-clients getting on well with rolling.



They are based on Debian Stable, so the aren’t really proper “rolling” AFAIK.

But it is also true that they make the effort to upgrade/backport certain packages beyond Debian and even Ubuntu reach. And they also refresh their ISOs snapshots monthly or so, which is a very “rolling” like thing.

So that makes them somewhat different to other fixed-release distros out there. But they still also launch theirs point releases when major changes or kernel updates, and the anual or so official releases. So not enough to consider them proper rolling IMO. Semi fixed model or whatever.

Anyway who cares, we are entering semantics kingdom there.





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