MusikWave Desktop (Now in AUR)



Ok so I tested the web-app and so far everything works perfectly. I wonder if it is possible to minimize the application to tray (you can if you use the tray icon, but what if the close function from the window minimizes the app to tray?). I also wonder if it is possible to somehow integrate the play functions to desktop somehow :smiley:


Most of these are beyond me at the moment, but the most recent electron release could change that.
But I had been thinking about it. One way to do it would be to make a behavioral change.
I cant make the window buttons work reliably.
But I can make the tray work reliably.
I can also remove the window frame [and buttons].
I also (could) make it fullscreen. This one is drastic.
That is the issue becomes obscured when people only interact with the opening and closing of the app through the tray and expect it to work that way.
… So that would be the workaround. It isnt my first choice, but its a sort of dynamic engineering if I can say so :wink: .
But like I said, I’m hoping to have to revamp the whole thing with a better base in a few weeks.

…but to be clear. for now this is mostly a sort of spaghetti project. I’m using someone elses tools to source an online resource you built that hooks into a public API from a huge media corporation, tweaking it a bit, and automatically packaging it with tools even other people have built.

In many ways this is beautiful.
But if you really want to build something sleek it would need to be different. Maybe some form of QT.


In any case I already have a working pkgbuild, but I think I’m going to scrap it, create a proper makefile, then use that in the pkgbuild instead. keeping it cross-platform, but then we have an AUR pkg too.

[I also was using ‘mobile’ from days when that meant something like containerized … I think I’ll probbaly change it to something like musikwave-desktop for the pkgname if it goes to aur]


Hm I think these are useful. How else can I close the window of drag it? :smiley:

Yeah I think some may not enjoy that if it is always full screen. Maybe the way it is now is great.

Sounds great! :slight_smile:

Would love to see this as AUR for ease of installation. This project is 3 or so years old and works very well. We have around 2k users (though some registrations are spam for sure). Ah and yes I wanted to ask if you can change to something like musikwave-desktop since mobile sounds like it is for mobile phones.

Btw we also have several other projects and I would love to transform them into whatever you did here :smiley: - so if you can share with me what tools you’ve used and how you did it would be super helpful!


Sure thing, for starters all you really need is this:
(which you should temper with knowledge from here:
Not so super secret magic :wink:


Nice job @tiotrom and @cscs ! It integrates 100% in Mopenbox with the default look set by @fhdk :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks! I will definitely give it a try. I want to first see where will this one end up - like I want to see if it can be done as an AUR package and how it will work as that. We, for our project, even made a custom Manjaro Gnome (isobuild) and we want to integrate such tools as default but I am new to this so I love to learn how to make these tools by myself. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice desktop :smiley: - I never tried Openbox but am curious to.


Do you mean like TROM and videoneat ? or are there others ?


Oh you know about those :smiley:
So yeah we have for documentaries and lectures. for music. TROM for all kinds of content (educational) - like books, documentary, curated news and videos, quizzes, etc. And we will also build new projects this year and want to collaborate with many other projects that offer trade-free stuff (like proper free stuff - software, services, products, etc.) and I would love to help create these we-apps that people can find in AUR, especially because we’ve already made a custom Manjaro for our projects and want for people to adopt Manjaro as their main OS :stuck_out_tongue:


Btw when we’ll have an AUR package I will for sure add the link to that on MusikWave homepage. Also, what I love now is that if you have MusikWave installed on Linux then you don’t even need an account since your settings are saved in the cache on config so you can then move that to other machines if you reinstall Linux, taking with you your playlists and data. :slight_smile:


Makefile is done. Now you can simply download the directory and run
sudo make install
sudo make uninstall
to either install into /usr/share/ and place a link to the executable at /usr/bin/ or uninstall from there.

I also now placed a cap of 300MB for the disk cache size. Which is still pretty big IMHO, but this way it wont get crazy huge.


Works! So basically what it does is to copy the folder into /usr/share/ and/or /usr/bin/ ? Can it also create a .desktop file for it? Else I can’t find it in my Gnome system unless I use the terminal. :stuck_out_tongue: And does this all mean that the package is kinda ready for AUR?

Oh great idea about the disk cache cap. 300MB seems alright.


Havent created a desktop file yet. You may see I just pushed a number of changes right before you typed. Working on it now :wink:


Ok, waiting :slight_smile: thanks


Desktop file and some makefile changes up now. :slight_smile:


heh awesome works! No icon for it though, but it works so well. Could we add an icon?


I was just working on it. Just pushed changes


Heey awesome. It works :slight_smile: - now is looking more and more like a proper “application”. Well, web-app, but still.

Is it all done, in terms of code, to be added to AUR? Like is it as simply as adding the tar.gz to AUR? I have no clue :stuck_out_tongue:


No, I have to write a pkgbuild. I already had one, but it was built entirely differently.