Music Made on Manjaro



Hey, I make music as a hobby, and I use Manjaro as my main desktop, even going so far as to use it as a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) so all my music is produced using Manjaro at some point…

So…here’s a piece I finished the other week :slight_smile:

Hope you like :slight_smile:


not to bad mate


How do you lunched your DAW ?

  • directly under Manjaro or
    -under Virtualbox Windows ?

wanted to produce videos within MAGIX Video maker only based on Windows


Davinci Resolve an option?


I slightly cheat. I use both Windows Renoise via Wine to use some windows VSTi’s, and export parts as samples, then use the Linux version to arrange/master etc. I could do it all in the windows version but lots of plugins uses a LOT of CPU so exporting as samples and arranging works better. May try the linux port of Reaper for that part soon though :slight_smile:


OK Asharin … but i cannot do the job twice…for video . to heavy to much times .


Well alternative upon Linux… thanks
free ?
I try to mount it…
see you


Not bad!
Which program do you use to produce your music? Some years ago I made some tracks with Magix Music Maker, but unfortunately I’m not such a talented musician. I play keyboard and I think it is very useful: You can plug it in your PC and record melodies with MIDI.
Later I experimented a bit with MuLab, and I think it isn’t bad. MuLab is actually a software for Windows, but it runs with Wine in Manjaro pretty good.
I’ve also tested LMMS, but it is a bit complicated to use.


i tried Kdenlive . Not so bad but not moving effects enough
DaVINCI Resole should be the best … but mounting under KDE is not easy


Nice song. I like it.